The combined expertise of Davmark™ group means we can offer complete building services surveys.

Survey 1


The objectives of our surveys are normally undertaken to:

Survey 2


We have commissioning specialists to provide complete plant condition and operation surveys and we have controls specialists to provide complete Building Management Systems / Controls Systems condition and operation surveys.

We can also provide a bi-annual check of operating conditions. Ensuring that a building is still performing in accabsoluteordance with the design intent.

Survey 3


Our surveys will detail the state of your Building Services, highlight any areas of concern and specify any action that can be taken to correct problems, improve performance and reduce running costs.

Survey 4


For hotels and other similar business with a large building estate / stock to manage. Davmark are able to provide reports on:-

based upon observed condition and on economic life factor factors and recommended replacement.

Survey 5


Davmark are also able to provide building conditional surveys, for clients who are looking compile a building condition report, as part a financial assets end of year report, or to be complied as part of a business purchase / sale agreement or other purposes.


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