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Businesses face numerous security challenges, which have been identified by our clients, looking for Davmark™ to provide design solutions.

These include corporate clients who believe they are vulnerable to a variety of attacks, threats and antagonists. These can include workplace violence, threats from ex-employees and militant extremists or acts of terrorism, to theft of proprietary information and acts of sabotage.


Our approach to security is to provide a comprehensive service using a combination of threat and risk assessment techniques, resilience reviews and security planning to ensure that all aspects of security are considered and reviewed.

This approach involves the use of a number of specialists in areas such as:

This enables us to adopt a secure-by-design approach to security where every element of a facility is considered for its potential to mitigate risk.


The aim of the strategy is to limit the need for an overt security presence and to integrate passive measures into the facility design.

Davmark work with the necessary representatives of local law enforcement agencies, security agencies and approved security trade associations.

Davmark™ Group:

The security design therefore provides a cost effective balance between the physical layout of the facility, its construction, physical security measures, electronic systems, operational procedures and manned guarding.


Not all our clients will need this level of security assessment and design in security counter measures, but it is reassuring, that when asked, Davmark™ Group are able to provide this level of service, up to the necessary security threat level required.


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