Sustainable Development


Building shading, use of natural light, passive cooling and natural ventilation are only some of the measures which can be employed in building design to meet environmental policies and optimise the use of energy within the built environment.

Aware of the constantly changing demands of environmental issues, Davmark™ is committed to the principles of sustainable development and is constantly reviewing its environmental policy.

Services Offered

Energy and environmental issues are included in project reviews as a standard procedure.

We also offer our clients:

Sustainable Building Technology

The services solutions provided for the building should be designed to promote flexibility and ease of use. They should be developed after careful consideration of overall life cycle costs providing a good balance between initial capital and later revenue maintenance and energy costs.

Alternative solutions must be considered and analysed to ensure optimum balance between these factors.

The systems installed must be designed to be highly flexible to allow minimum disruption for any future change of use of the building.

Most importantly the services and the building design itself must be optimised to provide good internal environmental parameters during Wintertime, Mid season and Summertime months. The building will be developed to make maximum use of natural ventilation and to ensure that the building structure itself acts as an environmental modifier to provide a passive control of the internal environment particularly during Summertime months.

Sustainability considerations


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