Electrical Engineering



Modern buildings are increasingly filled with more electrical apparatus. This includes air conditioning, and other equipment, used to maintain acceptable environmental and operating conditions for both the equipment and the people who work with it.

The technology explosion is increasing demand for electrical power to support the equipment which has become an integral part of the way we all conduct business.

This section reviews some of the basic considerations which must be made when evaluating the load requirements for a commercial building.

Realistic estimates of operating requirements must be considered if a properly engineered electrical distribution system is to be achieved.

Early Stages

At the early planning stages of a project, whether it be a school, office building, hospital, airport or whatever, detailed information about the equipment which will be installed in a building is unlikely to be available.


For planning to proceed, utility companies need to be contacted and decisions made to enable major elements of plant and service equipment to be specified. The design engineer must be able to confidently produce load estimates based upon experience and a good database of actual operating loads for similar projects.


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