Davmark™ have a group of controls and commissioning consultants whose objective is the efficient operation of building services. Through optimised building controls and correct commissioning practices we strive to get the most out of any building services system.

New buildings

New buildings can succeed or fail based on the quality of the commissioning stage.

No matter how good the Building Services design, a poorly commissioned building will always fall short of expectations.


The main aim of our commissioning engineers is to optimise this stage.

We do this by developing and implementing a plan of commissioning which will bring about the practical completion of a project in the most expedient manner possible whilst maintaining the standards that Davmark is reputed for.


Our commissioning specialists work extensively along side other members of the group, including designers, and so have a comprehensive understanding of building services design and the commissioning process.


Davmark™ Group can provide the project team with detailed set-up commission data sheets. These allow the commissioning contractor / clients witnessing consultants/representatives to pre-commission and set-up the controls to be fully integrated and fully demonstrated. This enables the building to be set-up to the highest standards at project closure.

We can also include system failure and full resiliance (n+1) failure scenarios, as typically required for telecom co-location, business critical premises and specialist life safety systems. So enabling you to have peace of mind, and no actions outstanding after project closure etc.

Yes it can be done, it’s normal pratice for our project managed projects, we can do it for your projects as a seperate duty, with the cooperation of your project team.

Contact Davmark™ Group for more details.


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