Intelligent buildings and integrated design are expressions of advanced technology.

Davmark™ Group develop innovative practical solutions, to complex engineering problems, in the built environment.

Davmark Ltd - Advanced Technology Group is multidisciplinary; composed of design engineers and integrator analysts who work across a wide range of industries, pooling ideas and knowledge base solutions, to achieve the objectives sought.

Design Philosophy

Our integrated design philosophy encourages a transfer of technology between disciplines, which enables constant innovation. We deliver the best engineering solutions to challenging and complex technical problems.

This approach significantly improves the operation, value and delivery of systems, products and structures. The key to Davmark’s problem-solving is in the approach, not in the analysis.


We find solutions by:


Our experience and work across the built environment, automotive, offshore, process and product design industries is constantly evolving to meet new challenges, especially adopting intelligent product solutions.


We build relationships with manufactures and solution providers, which creates a win-win environment for all parties.

Manufactures gain early adoption of wanted new products and solutions, enabling new products to brought to the marketplace.

Davmark group gain the full knowledge base and R & D experiences from our manufactures to achieve our objectives, in finding the right solution for our clients.


Our clients also win by keeping ahead of their business competitors by a mixture of:


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