Onetouchzone™ intelligent hotel lock system can specially designed to meet the needs of modern hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operating costs. We can utilise one the most successful products. It was developed by one of our service partners. It has been used in over 2000 hotels and the number is increasing. Davmark™ builds on this system with integration, intelligence and knowldege of other systems.

Lock System

Onetouchzone™ solution intelligent hotel lock system normally consists of four parts:

  1. Door locks
  2. Encoder for keycard
  3. Keycards
  4. Management software

Alternative options exist that use biometrics, key fobs, or more intelligent card systems.

Example solution

Below we have described one of the standard Onetouchzone™ intelligent hotel lock system solutions.

Stand-alone lock powered by 4 to 6 standard AA alkaline batteries.

Compatible software :

The lock management software is compatible with other hotel management systems and offers five interfaces for expansion or integration.

Wireless systems

Wireless system and stand-alone door lock onetouchzone™ option :

This may be the preferred option on a hotel refurbishment upgrade, where only futures and fittings upgraded.

Cabled solutions :

We also offer cabled networked solutions, where you have: increased access / security options and no capital cost / maintenance to replace batteries through the hotel. On power failure or local network glitch, doors can be programmed to be ‘lock secure’, but still retains basic functionality, operable and lockable by the client.

On power failure or system maintenance, doors can be programmed to be ‘lock secure’. They still retain basic functionality and are operable and lockable by the client.

Maximum Security :

What ever system you select you should ensure:-

Perfect keycard management system :

The system needs to be both flexible and easy to use.

Summary :

Whatever your need, when it comes to Hotel systems, Davamrk™ has the knowledge and experience to meet the demands and requirements.


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