While building services design proposals may look good on paper, or as an outline concept proposal, there is really no substitute for the real thing. Being able to visualise the designs in 3D helps you and your designers. It enables everyone to understand the specified applied technologies, both in specific terms and knowledge of products, as applied in the site wide integrated solution level.

If you don’t, you can only be waiting for the predicted project claims for extensions of time, design enhancements, and budget over rides to happen, multiple times over the life time of your project. You end up asking your self what went wrong. Then comes the slow disillusionment. The original design ideals are shattered, allowing for a ‘quick fix’ at the sake of the original remembered concept, for a quick resolution and building opening.

It’s as simple as that.

We have observed the above, numerous times. Often Davmark are asked to step in to the fray. Invited by the project team or the end client, to resolve the ‘design issues’. Davmark brings these to a successful closure.

So, please select who you use carefully.

Since Davmark Group have built a reputation on core building services design and applying intelligent solutions, you know you are in safe competent hands, in total reassurance with utmost confidence.

The more complex the project, the more we are able to fully apply our design integrated application knowledge base. This helps you:

Old wisdom still true today

The earlier you appoint an intelligent solutions integrator and designer, the more options you have to achieve your objectives, and ensure the project is:

At project completion / client acceptance / building handover

All signed off and approved, with no outstanding issues or snags

Building defect free

Yes it is possible

Not just theory - we’ve done it before, and we will do it again, and again, on all our projects that we are able to control?…so could you.


No hassle, no confusion, just easy?


Clients understand the strength of the ‘early involvement’ and wealth of knowledge that Davmark Group can provide. In achieving their goals of maximising usable space, optimising energy efficiency and achieving aesthetic aspirations, prior to outline planning application submission stage.

Protect your project and investment

Davmark Group - are only one phone call away, to give you what you want, when you want it and provide possible capital & running cost savings, as well.

It must be worth the effort, our clients believe in us, so will you.


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