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Economic, demographic, technological, and social change are today’s greatest inevitability.

Change creates problems. If these are ignored or unanticipated, they can be devastating.

Every dynamic organisation knows that change is the engine of growth. The challenge lies not in embracing this business tenet, but anticipating, adapting to and generating fresh ideas that exploit change.

Capitalising on change is the influential business leader in the world and one of the most important issues facing organisations in today’s competitive market place.

Simple concept:

The best way to anticipate the future is by understanding the present. Content analysis, methods based upon tracking local events and behaviour, to exploring the future.

Staying alert

Importance to staying alert to change, long before the information has become generally known, shows how far reaching developments became the critical business priorities they are today.

The accelerating nature of change - and the futility of trying to keep up with it all - is one reason.

Rapid technological advances, make it important to know which systems are right for your company, your employees and your customers. Global change requires businesses to:

Demographic shifts, the ageing population, immigration patterns, etc. - emphasise the need to spot and respond to untapped markets, whilst retaining traditional customers.


By using Davmark™ you keep your broad perspective. Good ideas can come from anywhere. Davmark™ provides an additional tool for your business to be aware of the leading edge solutions and applications.


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