Davmark™ Group provides total design solutions for both traditional and the latest intelligent buildings. The intelligent building systems use open, interoperable and integrated facility, automation products and services. It is our mission to provide the best solution for our customer’s application.

Due to our client demands and requirements, we are in a unique position with our knowledge and expertise of the benefits of the each of the available design solutions and the design skill sets, that each solution brings.

Intelligent Buildings

For intelligent buildings we design leading-edge applications applying LonWorks®, BACnet® and similar technology-based products. These technology-based intelligent product solutions are based upon Open System standards which bring together any variety of manufacturers and/or systems within your building to a single, open network technology.

You have the power of selection, not the other way round; this applies both for the initial build construction, but past the anticipated product life cycle originally installed, but for the whole building life cycle function and use.

This gives whole life cycle freedom of applications, product selection and more important how and what these products are use for and control.

This gives you back the control and the ability to apply business strategies on how these applications can be applied, and when.


Davmark Group has assembled different manufacturers’ commercial solutions providing unique technologies based upon open protocols, which are targeted at the specific cost and performance requirements of the commercial and industrial buildings market environments.

Davmark Group is therefore ensuring customers apply the most appropriate technologies, tools, products and services to a wide variety of facility automation and control requirements using our knowledge base to bring the full power and cost savings enabled by LonWorks® and BACnet® systems to the end customer, which include tenant users, building owners, FM and plant managers, and individual end-users.


As the Davmark Group is totally independent, the company has the distinct differential advantage through its unique ability to select the correct products at the right pricing structure, and provide a strong application assistance, that we can then provide to our customers.

The majority of the products selected are manufactured under ISO 9001 procedures to ensure optimum product quality.


At Davmark, we don’t cut corners, we don’t just design, we provide solutions that work for you!

We are commitment to our customers and serving them in our best capacity.


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